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新航道国际教育集团(NEW CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION GROUP LIMITED) 由中国英语教育专家与教学管理专家胡敏教授率领一批国内外教育精英及专家学者共同创办于2004年,国际数据集团(IDG)(美国)和Kaplan国际教育集团(美国)参与战略投资。“新航道”三个字源于胡敏教授创办机构时对其二十一年教育实践的总结,下决心在大学的“庙堂英语”和培训机构的“江湖英语”之间开辟语言教育的新航道。新航道国际教育集团恪守“奋斗成就梦想”的核心价值观,坚持“高能高分”的教育理念,立志“做全球知名教育机构”,帮助中国学子和家庭实现更美好的人生。

New Channel International Education Group was founded in 2004 by a group of elite Chinese and foreign language trainers and expert academics, led by English Language Education and Academic Management expert Prof. Hu Min. New Channel is an international language education institution that has received strategic investment from the International Data Group and Kaplan. The brand "New Channel" originated from the accumulation of Prof. Hu Min's twenty-one years of teaching experience. Prof. Hu Min was determined to pioneer a "New Channel" of language education between Chinese colleges at English Language Education and Social English training. New Channel has been keeping to its core value "Hard work makes dreams come true." persisting in the education philosophy of "Better English, Higher Score", and striving to be a global top educational institution, thereby helping Chinese students and their families to make life better.


New Channel has a wide variety of subsidiaries including training schools, study abroad consulting companies, an AP Curriculum Center, an E-learning department (New Channel online), A+ English, Parade English, a book-publishing department, a franchising department, and branch organizations all over China. New Channel has partnerships with organizations including Peking University, Renmin University of China, China Foreign Affairs University, Capital Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, China Higher Education Press, MacMillan Education, and other renowned academic organizations and schools.


In the past 14 years,  Following the spirit of the school's motto, "I will persist until I succeed! ", our training schools persist in the teaching style of being "Academic, Motivational and Passionate", and follow the standards of having "Small Classes, Teaching Assistants and Individualized Service". Relying on a deep foundation in academics, a pragmatic educational style, a strong capacity for research and development, and a prolific enterprising spirit, New Channel has quickly risen to the top of its industry. With its educational content, textbook R&D, the quality of its courses, and its service environment, New Channel has set a new standard, raising the bar for China's English training industry, and creating a path to success in English for all Chinese students.


English Training: New Channel provides IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, AP, SSAT, an overseas study English preparation program, English Express, and other high quality training programs. Our individualized training programs, elite small class-size programs, and boarding school program can meet various learning needs of students. By implementing personalized learning plans, our programs can enable students to reach a higher level of English, achieve higher scores in the short term, and can enable them to master skills that are required during overseas study as critical thinking, effective communication and team work.


A+ English: "A+ English" is New Channel's elite English training program for K-12 students. Focused on cultivating the English abilities of children ages 6-16, New Channel utilizes Cambridge study material, tying together KET, PET, FCE, and middle/high school entrance exam systems with English learning, training, and testing, providing students a versatile learning plan and fostering children who can truly use English.

少儿英语:派乐多快乐英语是新航道国际教育集团旗下的幼少儿英语培训品牌。作为“Edutainment”即“育乐”教育理念的领导者,派乐多快乐英语凭借独有的“实景反应式”教学模式,将“Education”(教育)和“Entertainment”(娱乐)两个元素完美结合,以寓教于乐的形式把“快乐学习”融入到孩子们的课堂, “派送给孩子快乐多多”!

Kid's English: The "Parade English" is New Channel's elite English training program for young children. As a leader of "Edutainment", Parade English intertwines education and entertainment using unique "real-life" teaching methods, infusing fun into children's learning experience, thereby enabling youngsters to enjoy learning.


Study Abroad: New Channel's Study Abroad Center is led by renowned instructors from American colleges providing services based on the principle of “Using Integrity to Create Your Future”. With the foundation of numerous successful cases, our center can deliver professional tailored overseas study portfolios, as well as attentive and high quality service along the way.

美国AP课程中心:长郡中学美国AP课程中心是美国大学理事会(College Board)授权的湖南首个AP全日制学习中心,致力于引进国外优质的教育资源,促进中国高中教育教学改革,培养胸怀祖国且具有国际视野和全球竞争力的国际复合型、创新型、领袖型人才。

AP Curriculum: New Channel's AP Curriculum Center at Changjun Middle School in Changsha is the first full-time learning center in Hunan Province authorized by the College Board. The center is engaged in introducing high quality education resources from overseas, promoting education reforms in high schools in China, and cultivating patriotic, globalized, and highly-competitive individuals.


E-learning: Based on New Channel's strong teaching team and educational resources, New Channel's E-learning provides high quality IELTS, TOEFL and re-designed SAT online courses, which are recorded, streamed and personalized. Students can learn from teachers anywhere and anytime, and also can interact with other students online. Through E-learning we hope our excellent courses and teaching philosophy can reach all corners of the world.


Publishing: New Channel's book-publishing department is engaged in book and audio editing, publishing, marketing, and retailing. Currently it is partnering with China Higher Education Press, China Publishing Group Corp., CTPC and World Affairs Press, and it is also cooperating with renowned institutions such as Kaplan, MacMillan Education, McGraw-Hill, and CENGAGE Learning. To date, New Channel has produced over 400 original books and multimedia products, with content ranging from domestic and international tests to comprehensive English with distributors in every province, city, and autonomous regions in China. Millions of students have benefited from these materials.


Franchising: Based on the successful "New Channel" model, New Channel's franchising department has promoted our brand to more than seventy cities across China. We are dedicated to collaborating with those committed to English education and to help develop the national market under the philosophy of "Better English, Higher Score".

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